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BestRatesCall is a leading online long distance international prepaid phone cards distributor with offices in the USA & Europe, that offers cheap prepaid calling cards for making cheap international prepaid phone calls all over the world.
Many have discovered how convenient phone cards are and now the internet is booming with online stores selling all types of international calling products. The main reason these phone cards are much cheaper than your regular phone service provider is because the calls are no longer routed through a normal phone network. Instead, many companies have managed to build their own international networks and significantly lower the costs or international telephony. As incredible as it may have seemed just a few years back, there are now dozens of calling destinations around the world available at merely a few cents per minute.
But how can one decide from a multitude of products? You can either choose a simple calling card or select from the new generation of phone cards, with a bundle of new incredible features. Here are some of the latest trends of the prepaid calling cards market offered by Best Rates Call:
PIN-less dialing - you can add up to 6 phone lines under the same account and make cheap international calls from all your registered phone numbers.
Speed-dial - You can make calls by pressing three keys only!
Rechargeable calling cards (Refillable PINs) - you don't have to buy a new PIN but simply add more minutes to your phone card online, anytime.
24/7 Customer Service - most of the companies have a fix schedule around which they provide help for their customers. We have helpful customer service which is empowered to make decisions, unlike other companies where they have to defer even minor issues to the supervisor.
Flexible phone cards - multiple rounding to choose from.
BestRatesCall phone cards can be used from any phone line, such as cell phones, home phones, office phones, pay phones or hotel rooms.
No need to change your long distance provider. You can add long distance calling plans to your existing phone lines. No contracts to sign!
In the end, with our cheap prepaid calling cards you won't ever be surprised by astronomic phone bills or lose control of your expenses. If you are serious about making the most of your money, please come back soon and see how fast and easy you can save on all your international and domestic calls.

Our phone cards shop is dedicated to provide you with a wide range of Prepaid Calling Cards. Buy a card online and enjoy the Best calling Rates to a country of your choice. High Quality of connection and the Lowest Rates available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. BestRatesCall is the leading calling cards & phone cards online retailer. We carry wide selection of prepaid calling cards that satisfy any consumer and meet every calling need:

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